Internet Ecosystem

Welcome to the Internet Society Qatar Chapter! We are committed to connecting everyone to a better and more open internet. Our mission is to promote the development, deployment, and use of the Internet for the benefit of all people throughout Qatar. Join us as we work together to ensure that everyone in Qatar has access to a safe and secure online experience.

Internet Ecosystem:
The Internet Ecosystem is the complex network of participants, technologies and physical infrastructures that enable the internet to function. It comprises of a wide range of players including internet service providers, content providers, governments, non-profit organizations and users – each playing an important role in establishing and maintaining a secure and stable internet environment.

ISOC Qatar’s Role in Promoting Internet Health and Sustainability:
ISOC Qatar is committed to promoting a healthy, sustainable digital environment for all users in Qatar. This includes advocating for greater access to the internet, as well as encouraging responsible use and protection of personal data. By providing resources such as workshops and seminars on best practices for online safety and security, ISOC Qatar works to promote an informed user community that is capable of making informed decisions about their online activities. ISOC Qatar also works with local government agencies to create enabling policies that will further the development of the internet in Qatar.