Engine for Digital Economy

Welcome to the Internet Society Qatar Chapter! We are committed to connecting everyone to a better and more open internet. Our mission is to promote the development, deployment, and use of the Internet for the benefit of all people throughout Qatar. Join us as we work together to ensure that everyone in Qatar has access to a safe and secure online experience.

The Internet is an essential tool for businesses in the 21st century, and it has become a powerful engine for digital economic growth and development. ISOC Qatar is committed to driving this development, by providing the necessary infrastructure, resources and capacity building to support businesses in their digital transformation journey.

ISOCQ’s main focus is on helping organizations, both private and public, understand the opportunities provided by the Internet, particularly in terms of connecting with customers and suppliers around the world, entering new markets with ease, enhancing collaboration between different entities through shared resources and data, as well as higher efficiency resulting from automation.

ISOCQ also works closely with government bodies, industry associations and other stakeholders to ensure that digital economic growth is achieved in a sustainable way by encouraging safe practices online. It provides training courses on topics related to cybersecurity, e-commerce best practices and online privacy regulations. It also produces research papers which provide insights into the impact of digital economy on different sectors such as finance, healthcare or tourism.

Overall, ISOCQ Qatar supports businesses hoping to embark on their digital transformation journey by providing ample resources to understand the opportunities presented by the internet.