Category: Information Security

  • Children protection in Qatar 

    Qatar is a country that is committed to protecting the rights of children. Over the last decade, measures have been taken to ensure that children are treated fairly and are given access to education, health care, and other essential services. The government has also put in place laws and regulations to ensure their safety and […]

  • Internet privacy

    Internet privacy is a hot topic today with so many people concerned about their privacy online. The Internet Society Qatar Chapter is taking steps to promote best practices when it comes to internet privacy for website usage. They are encouraging webmasters to become more aware of the implications of collecting user data and how it’s […]

  • AI and data protection

    Qatar Internet Society Chapter is taking a proactive approach to raising awareness of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data protection among the public. The organization is actively engaging with the community to ensure that citizens are informed of the potential threats posed by AI, as well as measures that can be taken to protect their data […]

  • How to choose a password

    ISOC Qatar (Internet Society of Qatar) recently released a guide on best practices for choosing passwords to help users protect their online accounts. According to the guide, users should select a unique password that they never reuse with any other account. This way, if someone manages to hack one account, they won’t be able to […]

  • Artificial Intelligence and data security and privacy in Qatar

    The small but ambitious nation of Qatar is rapidly becoming a hub for innovation, particularly in the area of artificial intelligence (AI). As the country continues to invest in technology and innovate in the field of AI, it is important to consider how this technology can be used safely and securely with respect to data […]

  • Qatar Internet Society Chapter’s advice on information security

    As the Internet becomes increasingly ubiquitous, our digital lives are more exposed than ever. With cyber criminals and malicious actors constantly targeting our data, it is essential that we take proactive steps to protect ourselves online. Fortunately, Qatar Internet Society Chapter has plenty of suggestions for users concerning information security. One of the most important […]