About (QISC)

Welcome to the Internet Society Qatar Chapter! We are committed to connecting everyone to a better and more open internet. Our mission is to promote the development, deployment, and use of the Internet for the benefit of all people throughout Qatar. Join us as we work together to ensure that everyone in Qatar has access to a safe and secure online experience.

The Qatar Internet Society chapter (QISC) is a non-profit limited liability company with a guarantee based in Qatar that aims to promote the safe and responsible use of the internet. The company was founded in 2021 and is a member of the Internet Society (ISOC), a global non-profit organization that promotes the development and use of the internet for the benefit of all.

The QISC’s mission is to promote the safe and responsible use of the Internet in Qatar and to help ensure that the Internet is accessible, open, and secure for all. To achieve this, it carries out a number of activities and initiatives, such as:

  1. Education and awareness: QISC provides training and education programs to help people understand the benefits and risks associated with the internet, and to promote the safe and responsible use of the internet.
  2. Research and policy: QISC conducts research on internet-related topics and provides input and advice to the government and other organizations on internet-related policy issues.
  3. Technical assistance and support: QISC provide technical assistance and support to organizations and individuals in Qatar to help them take advantage of the internet.
  4. Internet Governance: QISC participates in the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) and other international and regional organizations to promote the safe and responsible use of the internet.

The Qatar Internet Society plays a vital role in promoting the safe and responsible use of the internet in Qatar. Its mission is to ensure the accessibility, openness, and security of the internet for all, while promoting its safe and responsible use in the country.

Join forces with us to create a better internet experience in Qatar