Locals data protection

The Internet Society Qatar Chapter is dedicated to protecting the data of Qatar locals on the internet. We understand that there is an increasing need for awareness and education about data security and privacy, particularly in the context of Qatar culture. As such, our organization works closely with local institutions, government authorities, and other stakeholders to promote best practices in online security and privacy.

We are striving to help empower Qatar locals to protect their data online by providing resources, tools, and information about the latest security trends and technologies. This includes teaching people how to identify risks associated with online activity, set up secure passwords, store sensitive information securely, and use different software tools to monitor their privacy settings. We also aim to raise awareness about phishing scams, malware threats, cyberbullying, sharing personal information on social media platforms or any other platform they use including chat apps.

In addition to providing educational resources we have been actively participating in various conferences held in Qatar where topics like digital security were discussed at length. Moreover we have been engaging with our network of local professionals from different sectors who are actively working towards ensuring a safe internet in Qatar for everyone.

Moreover we are working closely with local universities such as Qatar University (QU) where we recently held a workshop for students discussing issues related to digital security and privacy. Additionally we will be launching our upcoming cyber-security training program which will provide individuals with basic skills that they can use when it comes to protecting their own personal data when using the internet or any other devices connected through the internet.

To further raise awareness about cyber-security issues among locals in Qatar, we have also been contributing articles on relevant topics published on Qatari news outlets such as Al Jazeera. Moreover we often leverage social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook which allows us reach out to a wider audience locally while simultaneously raising awareness among international communities concerning data protection online and its importance within Qatar culture specifically.

Overall the Internet Society Qatar Chapter is dedicated towards promoting safe online practices by providing educational resources on topics related to online safety and ensuring that all individuals living in Qatar are well informed when it comes to handling their private data over the internet or any other platform used digitally today.



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    Feel free to contact us using the details below:

    Email : hello@qisc.qa
    WhatsApp: +974 33478886

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