ISOC Qatar call for a volunteering

The Internet Society of Qatar has recently issued a call for volunteers to join their organization and help with its mission of connecting people and technologies around the world. As an independent, non-profit organization, ISOC-Qatar works to bridge the digital divide by providing access to the internet and other communication technologies, as well as advocating for responsible online behavior.

ISOC-Qatar volunteers have the opportunity to get involved in various aspects of the organization’s missions, including technical activities such as setting up networks, addressing security issues, or helping develop open source tools. Other volunteering opportunities include teaching educational courses on computer literacy, working on outreach efforts in the community, participating in policy debates at ISOC meetings and events, or even authoring articles that are published on their website. As a volunteer you can make a real difference in your community while gaining valuable skills and experience.

Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older and should possess basic computer knowledge with some familiarity with internet protocols and network operations. Some activities may require more specialized skills depending on the position assigned. To become involved in this meaningful program you can fill out an application form online or contact ISOC-Qatar directly for more information about available positions.

We encourage everyone who is interested to consider joining ISOC-Qatar’s volunteer team. Not only will you be able to help bridge gaps between technology and communities but also benefit from professional development opportunities offered by ISOC such as networking events, workshops, seminars and conferences related to internet governance topics. Furthermore you will be part of a global effort aimed at making sure that everyone can enjoy the benefits of digital technologies safely and responsibly.



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