ISOC Qatar and Education

The Internet Society Qatar Chapter (ISOC Qatar) is calling for collaboration and involvement from academics, schools, colleges and universities in Qatar in order to help build a strong digital presence in the country. Through partnering with key stakeholders, we are working to create an open and inclusive digital environment that will benefit Qatar’s citizens and businesses alike.

We are encouraging institutions with expertise in internet technology, engineering, policy development, public policy, research and advocacy to come together and share ideas that contribute towards the development of a secure digital society. We believe that by creating collaborations between academia, schools, colleges and universities we can strengthen our collective efforts towards creating a better cyber landscape for all stakeholders.

Through such collaborations we can also gain insights on how well our initiatives are being implemented across various sectors as well as ensure that our initiatives remain focused on the needs of the country. Additionally, such collaborations will also enable ISOC Qatar to spread awareness about the importance of a secure digital society.

As part of the collaboration process between institutions ISOC Qatar offers to provide support through mentorship programs, training sessions and workshops as well as access to resources that could be used during such activities. These resources include access to audio/visual equipment for conducting lectures or seminars as well as relevant materials on internet-related topics that may assist during discussions or debates.

Therefore if you are interested in collaborating with us please contact us at so that we can discuss further details on how you could become involved in this initiative. Together let’s work towards building a stronger digital society for all!



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