AI and data protection

Qatar Internet Society Chapter is taking a proactive approach to raising awareness of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data protection among the public. The organization is actively engaging with the community to ensure that citizens are informed of the potential threats posed by AI, as well as measures that can be taken to protect their data from malicious actors.

In recent months, Qatar Internet Society has organized several events to discuss the importance of data protection and AI safety. The most recent event was an online seminar held in March 2021 called “Data Protection & AI: Protecting Your Rights”. This seminar focused on raising awareness about protecting personal information and developing best practices for using AI safely.

The seminar included experts from various fields such as lawyers, academics, industry professionals and government representatives who provided valuable insights related to data privacy and security. They discussed topics such as the Data Protection Act, GDPR compliance requirements, and how individuals can exercise their right to privacy when using technology.

In addition to seminars, Qatar Internet Society also organizes workshops where participants can learn more about AI safety techniques such as encryption, secure coding principles, and methods for monitoring their online presence securely. The organization also runs webinars which cover topics such as understanding the implications of emerging technologies on our lives and how we can protect ourselves in a digital world. Through its outreach activities, Qatar Internet Society strives to make sure that citizens are well-informed about their rights when it comes to their data privacy and security.

By providing knowledge and resources related to AI safety, Qatar Internet Society is helping citizens become better equipped to protect themselves against malicious actors in this increasingly digital world. As technology continues to evolve at rapid pace, it is important for individuals to stay informed of changes so they can take precautions necessary for protecting their data online.




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